A mum’s guide to saying “NO!” without feeling guilty

How liberating to be able to say "NO!" when you want to
How liberating to be able to say "NO!" when you want to

Yesterday, we gave away the first guide in our assertiveness series – it was free, so if you didn’t download it then you really are missing out!

Today’s guide shows mums how to say “NO!” (without shouting…) when you want to, without feeling guilty.

Aren’t you tired of  doing things that deep down you know you don’t want to do, and that leave you feeling resentful? Yes? Well it’s time to stop!

Today’s free guide – How to Say “NO” and NOT Feel Guilty About It – isn’t going to show you how to be unkind, offend everyone and alienate them. It will show you how to enjoy being true to yourself and not feel like you are being taken advantage of all the time.

If you are that person in your group of friends or family who is always expected to mop up after everyone else, no matter what’s going on in your life – you know the “nice” one in the group who always gets overlooked and sidestepped – and you hate it, then this guide will bring out your confidence to start making a change and being treated with the respect you deserve.

DOWNLOAD How to say NO and NOT feel guilty about it NOW!

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