New year, new career? Find out how you can change your career and change your life with minimal disruption

There are many career options for mums who want to have the best of both worlds. It can often mean using transferable skills that you have already acquired or developed in your current or previous employment, and it can mean retraining.

family friendly working

  • Are you looking for a new career that will make raising your family easier?
  • Are you on maternity leave and not looking forward to leaving your new baby with someone else while you work?
  • Is the cost of childcare making going back to work unaffordable, yet not working means you’ll still be living on the breadline?

There are many courses out there that last only a few weeks part time, but will afford you a new career that doesn’t need a huge salary drop, and could mean you can reduce your working hours all together so you can spend even. Ore time with your family.

Take a look at our previous five-part series on family friendly working to get some ideas the can transform your working life:

Once you’ve found a career that sounds like a winner, head over to our sister site, Change Your Career, Change Your Life and take a look at the job profile to find out about the training and experience required to make the jump.

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