*** Newsflash: our new career change site is now live! ***

career change
Don't stay in a job or career you hate - life's too short!

Every month, we get requests for articles about changing career.

We know this is a dilema that most people experience at some time in their lives. But for mothers, it can come soon after having a baby and realising that the career that we’ve worked so hard to do well in just doesn’t fit with the lifestyle that we want and need to lead.

To address this issue, and in celebration of our 3rd Birthday, we have launched a career change website.

The Change your Career, Change your Life website is packed with:

1. career change advice
2. hundreds os job profiles
3. a FREE seven-day ecourse to put you well on your way to changing your career
4. The 80-page Change your Career, Change your Life guide

Visit the site now: www.motherswhowork.co.uk/careerschange

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