Rise in mothers going back to work has made the demand for nurseries sky rocket

The demand for nursery places has rocketed because more mothers are returning to work when their children are still young, new figures suggest.

According to economic analysts Laing and Buisson , the nursery industry is now worth ?3.8 million a year, as lifestyle changes, not to mention the current credit crisis, mean that more mothers are having to go back to work.

Report author Philip Blackburn said an 8% boom in the UK’s day nursery market is a result of mothers choosing to have children at a later age, once they have established their career.

At this age, mothers are more likely to want to return to work than in previous years, perhaps accounting for the 10% rise in the number of women choosing to do this over a generation.

An these working mums want the best for their children; having an early yearss professional in their child’s nursery is important for the majority of parents, according to research published earlier this month by the Children’s Workforce Development Council.

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