Setting up a home office is one of the first milestones that lets you – and the rest of the family – know that you mean business. You’re not just spending hours on your laptop surfing or Facebooking, but are actually doing something tangible.

But you don’t need to spend thousands to do it – unless you choose to, of course. If you want to get the basics right and build on from there (or expand as your business grows), here are some tips on choosing office furniture:

Invest in a good chair
If your working day will involve a lot of sitting, then it makes sense to get a good chair. Ergonomically designed chairs are attainable for just about every budget, and they are well worth their weight in gold.

An ergonomic chair will help you site properly and adjust the chair in a way that you’ll feel comfortable.

Storage makes a difference
Being organised with receipts, important documents and contracts will help to make your everyday life easier. One way to do this correctly is to get some storage, where you can file away your work, out of reach of prying hands.

Good storage can also be great if you’re using a multi-functional room like the dining room or a spare bedroom and need to be able to hide everything away when the room is going to be used for another purpose.

A good table
Like the chair, you’ll need somewhere to work, and a table plays a key role in this. Yes, the stereotype of the homeworker lying in bed may sound tempting, but your back will soon start to protest if this become your way of working.

Yes, you can use the dining table, but if it becomes a bone of contention, you could buy a foldable table that you can take anywhere for some peace – including the garden shed!

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