Smartly executed self-promotion is the key to career advancement. In your workplace I’ve probably seen people who always seem to get promotions or new challenges. You’ll also notice that they tend to talk abut their achievements and how much work they’re ploughing through…self-promotion in other words.

We can all learn a thing or two from that – applying it to our workplace or in our businesses. Start by using LinkedIn – it is one of the best tools to help you self promote, using the following tactics:

1. Say something
Take advantage of the “Share” tab on your profile page, which lets you share insights, a link to your website or other information with your followers. The more you talk, the more you’ll draw attention to ourself, your skills and your business and people will start to engage with you m

Using the “Share” tab is a good way to be proactive in the search process, as if raising a hand above the crowd. Another way to be heard is to regularly answer questions in the question/answer component of LinkedIn, establishing your expert voice.

2. Join in
Belonging to a LinkedIn group that’s relevant to your area if interest opens up new opportunities. They are a great way to promote yourself, get work and be noticed.

3. Show, don’t tell
Your profile should not look like a CV with bullet points. Instead, potential employers should hear your voice and understand how your approach to work differs from the next person. Include links to your work-related blog and import feeds from Twitter if you offer commentary on relevant issues.

Recommendations from other people who know your work in your chosen field are important, too. Even if you know your clients or previous employers think you’re fabulous, it’s more powerful to have other people put that in writing for all to see.

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