Today, there has never been greater emphasis on the environment and people’s individual impact on it.

The effects of global warming are starting to show, but it’s not too late to reverse that trend, and it’s possible to make your own contribution to the cause, which can be of great benefit to your finances.

One way of doing this is looking at the way you get around: if you own a car but feel you can do without it, you could always sell your car with and use public transport, walk or ride a bicycle instead.

If that’s not possible, you could always use your car less, or perhaps buy a car that’s more environmentally friendly. Instead of owning a fuel-guzzling family car or off-roader, you could sell your larger car and replace it with a small city car or hatchback which has great fuel economy, or perhaps a hybrid or electric car.

Ditching the car could go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint, although there are other things you could do to help your efforts. You could look at reducing the amount of gas, electricity and water you use by cutting out any wastage. This will reduce your utility bills while at the same time it will help you to keep tabs on how much you’re using and the way in which you use it.

Recycling is something else you could do. Putting any cardboard, packaging or paper straight in the bin isn’t environmentally sound. If your local council has a ‘green bin’ where you can dispose of all recyclable paper, card, metal and plastic, use it.

If not, you could always visit your nearest recycling facility where you can dispose of any damaged clothes, glass bottles and other recyclable material, where you can do your bit.

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