Now that the weather is warming up (a little), the reminder that summer isn’t far off is not far from most of our minds – especially where those jiggly bits are concerned.
Losing weight can be such a chore, so we’re always up for finding ways to make it as easy as possible. Here’s what one of our reader’s found a week’s challenge, compliments of Slim.Fast:
Meet the reviewer
Our reviewer and mum of two, Faith tried Slim.Fast’s diet plan for a week. For this challenge, two of her daily meals were replaced with a Slim.Fast Shake for seven. Here’s what she had to say:
Did you lose any weight on the Slim.Fast Plan? And how much?
I was 76kg when I started the plan, and I had dropped down to 70.6kg by the end of the week.
How easy did you find the plan to follow?
It was easy. Usually, I struggle to eat in the morning because I need to get my young sons ready for school.,But because of the way that the plan is arranged, it was very easy for me. Having a shake for breakfast is easy to adapt to, when you’re not used to eating any breakfast!
What did you like the most about the Slim.Fast plan?
I loved the taste of the milkshakes. They were very refreshing – I think I am addicted to them!

Slim Fast Mocha Shake

Would you use the diet plan again?
Yes – after the week’s challenge, I stocked up on some more shakes and I’m still on the plan and loving it.
If you’re interested in trying out the Slim.Fast milkshakes and have a coffee craving you want to get rid off, you could kill two birds with one stone. Slim.Fast have just launched a new Mocha milkshake, which is only 230 calories. It’s very affordable, too, at just £1.59 per bottle.
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