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Rubbish myths about women in business

We live in a world where people like to put other people into a box. Being a working mum comes high on that list…if I had a pound for every time someone told me (not asked me) how difficult it must be, I would have a nice little fund for my caramel lattes for the rest of my working life.

Being a mum in business is no different. Here are some of the ridiculous myths, and the real truth.


Real mum profile: Vanessa Blake of dreamgenii

When most people think about the best time to start a business, during a pregnancy isn’t one that often comes up – but then business mums don’t always do things in the traditional way, do they?

Married mum of two Vanessa Blake, director of dreamgenii® tells how having problems sleeping during her pregnancy and finding nothing to help improve things was the impetus to starting her award-winning business.

Podcast: Daybreak’s Kate Garraway on juggling work and kids, and her business Goodypass

On we’re always trying to let mums know about the benefits of having more than one income stream…and Daybreak’s Kate Garraway agrees.

Kate is mum to two young children and has always worked after having both children. Listen to this podcast with Kate as she talks about how she juggles work and work.

Podcast: Lisa Tobias, award-winning Dominos Pizza franchisee

If you’re a mum who is thinking about buying a franchise but have some concerns, then you really need to take out six minutes right now to listen to this podcast. Lisa Tobias is just 32 years of age – but because Lisa actually started working for a branch of Domino’s Pizza in one of the stores, climbing up the ranks, before deciding that she wanted to own a store of her very own…or five!

Listen to the podcast below to see how Lisa has achieved such success, and hear her tips and advice for mums who are interested in running their own franchises.