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How to prepare for being a single parent

With the dawn of a new year, many people start making changes in their lives – new job, new body, new home, new attitude…and divorce, according to research.

If you’re facing the possibility of being a single mother, you’ll be thinking about a lot of things – your finances will probably be somewhere high on that list. Watch the following video to find out how you can prepare yourself financially for becoming a single parent:


Divorce and the family business: what the law says about family businesses and what happens after break up

Michelle Mone seemingly has it all – founder of the successful Ultimo bra company, married with three children and living a jet-set lifestyle which takes her all over the world to promote her business, which is worth an estimated £50m.

So the news earlier this year that Mone was to split from her long term husband and business partner Michael came as a major shock. In interviews in February Mone described how her hectic schedule had effectively left her and her husband as only business partners, and how their split had left them living in separate wings of their substantial family home.