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feeling lazy or lacking willpower?

Are You Truly Lazy or is Your Willpower to Blame?

Do you feel that you are lazy or do you find that you are just not motivated? Many people will tell you that their motivation is not there and this is why they just feel like being plain lazy.

While being lazy is often viewed as being a sign of weakness it is connected to your willpower. Or more appropriately put, your lack of willpower. So what can you do to improve this?


How to stay motivated when you’re feeling lazy

Struggling to get back into the swing of things after a nice break for the summer holidays? Wish you could stay in relaxation mode for… well, forever, and still get paid for it?

Unfortunately, this is no advert for a business opportunity that will make you rich while you sleep. Feeling lazy is natural – but few of us have the luxury to still survive while we do absolutely nothing at all day in, day out.