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How to build a business in your spare time


Juggling motherhood, employment and all of life’s other challenges can start you thinking about the practicality of starting your own business. Being able to work to your own timetable and not having to answer to a manager could definitely alleviate some of the pressures of being a working mother.

So, if starting your own business is a pursuit you’re giving serious thought to, here are a few tips to get your plans off to a strong start and guide you in the direction of success.

Three simple rules for choosing a market for your business – plus a list of 20 markets to think about starting a business in

We often get asked by women who want to start making money online how to start, and one of the areas they often don’t consider is how they should go about choosing a market, sector or niche for business.

We’ll be providing you a list of markets to consider a little later in this article, but before that, a good starting point for choosing a market are these three simple criteria: