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Are you a mum in business? We want to hear from you!

Calling all mums in business. We want to hear your story if your business has been running for more than a year.

How did you start out? How did you fund your business? How have you managed to run your business and juggle the demands of family life?

Complete the short form fellow and we’ll share your story with output 105,000-plus mums.


Real mum inspiration: Julie Deane (Cambridge Satchel Company) – an inspiring story every aspiring mumpreneur should know

We love a good success story here at Mothers Who Work towers – and we’ve seen a few over the years, too!

But, Julie Deane’s story is even more inspiring because it was done under pressure. Like many mums who need to pay a bill of some sort, Julie Deane’s need for cash to pay for her daughter’s school fees was the driving force behind her kitchen table business start up.

Real mum profile: Isobel Thompson of Morrck

They say that friends and family and business don’t mix. But if you can get the basics right, it can be very successful…even with young children.

Isobel Thompson, 48, shares how she’s managed to get everyone from her husband to her teenage son, and her eight-year-old twin daughters involved in her business.