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Get productive: create the ideal home office workspace

Tell friends still stuck in a 9to5 job that you now work from home, and you’re guaranteed to get a few green-eyed looks and remarks. It’s a dream many of us have: managing our own time, balancing work with family and still making a decent living – sometimes more than…


Top five benefits to working from home

As a result of the fragile economy and the uncertainties around job security, a rising number of people are now deciding to go it alone. Self-employment numbers have increased in recent years as a result of more people wanting to take control of their future, finances and lives.

Many of those who ditch the world of 9-5 and become self-employed decide to use their own home as their workplace. By setting up an appropriate area in your property, such as one of the home offices available from Betta Living, you can start to enjoy the many benefits of working from home.

How to stay sane when you working from home starts to take a toll

For many mums the ability to work from home would be a dream! being able to take the kids to school and pick them up, put a load and dinner on, and all while making enough money to live the lifestyle of choice…

But for many mums who work from home, it just doesn’t always seem to be all it’s supposed to be. The stress and pressure of trying to juggle everything with not a soul around to ask if you want a cuppa can be too much.

Here a four tips to help you stay sane when working from home starts to take a toll:

Working from home: a plan of action, a plan for your ultimate success

Many people wrongly think that working from home will give them the flexibility to work when they want, and how they want all the time. For them, the dream can mean ignoring the alarm clock and getting up whenever they want to get up.

Yes, running your own business from home means you are your own boss, but if you go into it with the same mindset as London Mayor Boris Johnson thinking that you can just skive at home eating cheese, then you’re in for a very rude awakening.