Being broke isn’t a way of life…really it isn’t. Whether you’re paying tooth and nail for childcare, or just can’t get the pay rise you need to bring your finances up to where they need to be, you really don’t need to stay broke.

But the first step is recognising that there is a problem in he first place…this tongue-in-cheek will let you know if you are broke (if you didn’t know already):

If you’re convinced that you are broke, here are some things you can do to fix your finances:

1. Because you’re worth it!
No, this isn’t about swinging your hair like Pamela Anderson on Baywatch, or under the shower…it’s about recognising your true value.

With the family at the forefront of most mothers’ priorities, we can often forget about ourselves, and soon the way we value ourselves starts to dwindle. So, start by knowing your value. If you’re in a deadened job that just isn’t paying you what your deserve, it’s time to move on. If you’re stuck in a job rut and can’t get out because of your qualifications and skills, it’s time to make changes. Start enquiring now about the courses you can do to get you up the next rung on the ladder, and you could be starting a new course in January.

2. Start saying ‘No’
Splurging on things you don’t need or can’t afford with a ‘what the heck’ attitude won’t get you out of debt. It will land you hotter water. Start saying no to yourself and the children, and you’ll soon see how much further your money can stretch.

It’s not doom and gloom – you can save up for important purchases; get the whole family involved. One idea is to have a savings jar, which you can all put money in to save towards a family holiday, a new TV, or console. The motivation to keep saving will come as the jar starts to fill up, and you and the rest of the family will literally be able to watch your money grow.

3. Work out where the spillage is coming from
It’s amazing how much money can be fritted away on magazines, newspapers, expensive coffee shop coffees, manicures etc. Why not go online to read the news and celebrity gossip for free…you really don’t need to pay for it when it’s freely available.

Cut back on the coffees…why not make some yourself, or go healthy? And as for the manicures; having nice nails are great, but if you spend a meal’s worth on getting your nails painted, why not save that money and learn how to do your nails yourself. Go onto Youtube and teach yourself how to do it; you’ll be amazed what you can do once you put your mind to it.

4. Ditch the fags
If you smoke, that’s an expensive habit you can do without. Besides the health impact on you and those around you, giving up smoking can only be a good think. Save your lungs and your pocket, give up now.

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