There’s much buzz about social media and its benefits for online and offline businesses. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and now Pinterest…

But if you don’t know how to get started, knowing about all these social networks it can be like having a key and not knowing which door it belongs to.

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This four-step social media plan of attack is just the tool you need to help you get started and to guide you in the effective use of social media. You’ll find out:

1. How to create a social media plan and schedule that even the busiest mums can follow, so you can stay consistent.

2. How to grow your fans and followers on your social media pages and profiles – without followers, you might as well not bother!

3. How to automate your social media marketing so that you don’t have to login and update so often. Yes, you really can tweet and update your Facebook profile without being a slave to your laptop or mobile phone…!

4. Which social media sites to join – there are hundreds of them, but not all have the same response or are worth the time of day.

5. What you can post on your social media pages for more engagement from your followers.

Plus, lots more!


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