The Modern Man Part 2: The ?In My Own Time? Syndrome

Since the first posting about the modern man, I?ve had more than a few comments ? mainly off-blog because people feel that even an anonymous posting will expose them somehow? mainly the guys, so that says it all!

Anyway, there?s this response that I call a syndrome of the domestically comatosed man, which a few male friends have thrown towards me as if to imply that that doesn?t make them less of a modern man than they think they are: ?I?ll do it in my own time.?

Basically, this is as close to not doing the outstanding domestic chore as the lazy man, but this guy thinks he?s smart. And it?s one that ?fake? modern men use to buy more time. While the lazy slob type of man won?t even commit to the idea of doing, say, the dishes, the modern man impostor prefers to give false hope to his partner, buying himself more time. And the ?in my own time? period generally comes when modern man impostor:

gets the cold shoulder from his partner
gets a blast from his partner
wants to impress partner?s female friends or family when they come round to visit.

From what I have been told by confiding male friends, on the surface, most modern men are actually impostors and will never change. They basically tell women what they think they want to hear ? before they are fully committed with their partner. Once they have snared the poor unsuspecting woman, he will slowly show the true depth of his modern capabilities.

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