The saying “empty barrels make the most noise” is one that’s often said in non complimentary way, but if you’ve been working for a li g time, you’ll soon start to see a pattern – those who shout about their achievement (even the smallest and non significant) often seem to get the promotions.
That said, there’s little old you – a guru in your field who just gets in with the work to the highest standards. Why don’t you ever get a look in?

The fact of the matter is, any company needs a mix of people – if everyone shouted about everything, who would ever get anything done? But you need to get your achievements heard by the right people so you can be rewarded for your precious efforts…here’s how:

  • 1. Speak up
    If you’re one of those people who only speak when spoken to, never really co tribute or raise the points in your mind at meetings, and just get work dumped on them all the time then it’s time to speak up.

    This doesn’t mean becoming aggressive and unapproachable in the workplace – it just means that you need to make sure your opinion is heard. If you have c ferns about a project, or know some benefits ail information that could sway a business process then speak up.

    You can do this by emailing management, or raising it at meetings (where relevant).

  • 2. Brush up
    It’s not uncommon for many working mums to lose confidence when they return to work after maternity leave, or start seeing young free and single counterparts who seem to have all the time in the world to do research and go on courses while you can just about juggle coming into work and the school run.

    But that’s no excuse! Everyone have the same 168 hours a week and how you use it is the key difference between you and those young, free and single counterparts. Remember that they also spend a lot of time (wastage) out in clubs and bars, on dates, sleeping g, dossing and the rest…the things you did before the family came along.

    So, make a plan – work out what you need to do to bring yourself not only up to speed but ahead. Do you need to go on a course! Are you subscribing to the right industry publications, which let you know what’s going on? Are you making the most of your smartphone and subscribing to the newsletters if the right websites to stay up to date with things?

    All these things together will make you a very powerful member of your organisation when you throw in the multitasking skills that come out of your body with your placenta once your baby is born!

  • 3. Dress up!
    If you’re a black trousers and a shirt person, it’s time to change. Get yourself on track by dressing like your manager’s manager. It des not have to cost an arm and a leg – to be honest, you probably have a lot of those ‘I want a promotion’ looking clothes in your wardrobe anyway…you used to wear them before your maternity leave.

    Looking like plain Jane will make you blend into the background and look like you’re too tired or stressed to take on key responsibility. Splash a bit of colour and style into your wardrobe and walk with your head up and shoulders back and enjoy the positive impact it will have.

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