Media requests

Having problems with the kids? Just call Nanny Mewes

Calling Mums and Dads:

  • Are you and your family at your wits end with tantrums and bad behaviour?
  • Can you no longer connect with your child?
  • Is the dinner table a daily battle ground?
  • Are you shattered from sleepless nights?
  • Perhaps you and your partner feel like you have exhausted the endless advice in blogs, forums, books and magazines and you’ve still not had the breakthrough you deserve.

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Media request: producers looking for families for new TV series

The makers of ‘One Born Every Minute’ and ‘The Hotel’, Dragonfly Film and Television, are working on a new TV series about raising children and family life.

They are looking for families who would like to take part in a series about the ups and downs of being a parent, which will show what raising a family is really like – that it’s chaotic, exhausting and frustrating, as well as joyous, hilarious and fun.