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What your shoes say about you in the workplace

Theresa May, the UK’s new Prime Minister has been noted for having a huge shoe collection. Hands up those of you who remember David Cameron or Tony Blair’s penchant for fashion (or lack of ) having attention drawn to their footwear… Exactly! Call it sexism, call is whatever, but the…

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The rise of the mummy makeover

With many women keen to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back and rebuild confidence post childbirth, cosmetic surgeons worldwide are noticing a rise in popularity of the ‘Mummy Makeover’, a new cosmetic surgery trend for mothers. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has recently been rumoured to have undergone the treatment, and Kim Kardashian is said to be making plans for after the birth of her second child.

How to upcycle your wardrobe for the wedding season

Love them or loathe them, being a wedding guest can be costly – and that’s before you’ve bought the wedding gift!

Summer is the prime season for weddings, and you can take the sting out of your wedding guest wardrobe by making a few tweaks to the outfits you already have. Here are some tips for looking stylish on a budget. For any detailed instructions on how to try each of the upcycling techniques, be sure to head over to Youtube and do a search and you’ll find even more useful tips.

It’s Hot in the City! Follow These Simple Style Tips To Help You Keep Your Cool!

Dressing for work during the summer months can be a real challenge. You need to wear something that is cool enough so you don’t melt on your journey into work, but that is smart enough to meet your company’s dress code. If you find yourself struggling to find appropriate summer work wear then these tips from style and image consultants colour me beautiful are sure to help.

What to wear when you work from home

Working from home has an untrue image of slouching around in pyjamas doing hardly any work at all…but for those of us who work from home, we know that couldn’t be further from the truth (most days, anyway).

But comfort is key. Getting spruced up in a suit to work from the garden office is a little over the top – your neighbours will start to think that there is something seriously wrong with you…not that they thought you were normal anyway (who really “works” from home, right?).

how to get a new summer wardrobe for less than £100

How to get a complete (ish) summer wardrobe for less than £100

The sun has got it’s hat on…hip, hip, hip hooray! Yes, seeing a bit of sunshine in the UK can really perk us up. But if the prolonged rain we’ve been experiencing up until now has left you with a wardrobe full of boots and black tights, you probably aren’t enjoying the sun as much as you’d like.

Here are some wonderful tips to get your summer wardrobe ready for summer – even if it only lasts for a few more days!

Video tutorial: the perfect ponytail

I don’t know about you, but I’m often puzzled by how an immaculate ponytail that has been stretched and clipped into perfection can fall apart by midday.

Some women seem to have got a secret weapon that no one else knows about and can keep their ponytail in check all day, while some of us women look like a little schoolgirl who has been climbing trees with the boys at playtime by the end of the day 

Video tutorial: how to turn ordinary clothes into maternity wear

Maternity wear hasn’t always been on trend. Sometimes, it seems that maternity fashion hasn’t moved that far along from the dungarees and tent dresses. It’s bad enough if you’re a stay at home mum, but if your a working mum to be, you can go from being the office fashionista into the office frump before you know it!

If you are bursting at the seams and growing more and more frustrated with the dismal findings on the high street and can’t find maternity clothes that are worth the investment, this video will show you how to turn ordinary clothes into maternity wear.

Four tips to help you walk in high heels this summer…painlessly

High heels look fab with a suit, or can help to spruce up an outfit, but if you’re running around doing the nursery drop and/or school run before and after work, they can seem impractical.

But if you’re a mum who doesn’t want to get left behind in the style stakes, and don’t want to forever be carrying a spare pair of pumps in your bag, you’ll love our tips on how to wear high heels with dignity.

Bad hair days are over! Updo hair tutorials for work, job interviews and promotion hawks

How you wear and keep your hair says a lot about you. Split ends, dry and frizzy, unloved…in a professional environment it says you aren’t on top of your game.

Today’s video tutorial will show you some updos you can try on short to long hair to make you look like you mean business. Spend an hour or so trying to perfect the method and your colleagues and business associates will feel like a new girl is in town!

How to choose the perfect handbag for work

A quick look in every woman’s closet and you’ll soon start to see a trend – lots of handbags large and small, some used, some still with the silicon sachets inside because they haven’t event seen the light of day.

Working mums are no different in that respect. But if you’re tired of choosing the wrong handbag for work and want your next purchase to also hold those important must-haves that every busy mum can’t leave the house without then this video’s for you.

The working mum-to-be’s guide to dressing a baby bump

Kate Middleton is often praised for her effortless pregnancy style, as part of the celebrity bump watch. Yes, she has a clothes budget to go along with her public appearances, which allows her to wear designer items, but she also recently was spotted wearing a £30 dress from Top Shop.

There are many ways to feel chic or hip, during your pregnancy with a few simple style tricks:

Shoes and interviews: three things that could cost you the job

We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions count”, and it’s even more important at job interviews. But is it enough to splurge on a new suit, or dress for an interview and hope the interviewer will bypass your flip flops?

The truth is that, even when the weather is roasting in summer, what you wear on your feet is just as important at the clothes. It’s the attention to detail that the employer will be looking at, as well as how you will represent the company, so if you show poor judgement on your footwear, it may count against you.

Here are some things to consider when planning your footwear for a job interview:

How to dress for interviews…and do you really need to wear a suit?

Making the best impression at job interviews is not always about what you say. Your clothes, hair and overall look can speak volumes.

If you’ve been out of work for a while, or are branching into a new career or sector, you may wonder what the protocol is style wise…it can get a little confusing to say the least. and the pressure of making the best first impression you can doesn’t help matters, either.

Here are some tips to get the balance right and win over a recruiter: