More than just a mum

Being a mum is just one part of who you are!

#Ditch the New Year's Resolutions

Forget new year’s resolutions – draw your life instead

Every year, half the planet probably draws up a list of must-dos. You can guess them already, can’t you? The infamous bucket-list of things to do that will revolutionalise a part of or all of our existence. Nah!

Come the end of January, when all the guilt of slipping up on the faddy diet, ditching that impossible exercise regime, telling your boss to take a hike and whatever else, we’re either consumed with guilt (for a millisecond) or have given up completely. at this point, the gym membership, exercise equipment ad smoothie blenders are taking up much-needed space. 

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new year,new approach to being a working mum

New year: your new approach to being a working mum

Do you feel like you have to constantly prove yourself in the workplace because you’re a working mum? With most of us having a few days off because of the Christmas and bank holidays, this is your chance to go back to work renewed and ready to stand firm!

We don’t ask to be treated like martyrs, or for a medal, neither do we ask for special treatment, just because we have children. Most of us working mums just want to get on – by that I mean getting on with the work we’re being paid to do. Most of us want to get in with that work without feeling as though every step we take in the workplace is being scrutinised in case any semblance of life outside it is impacting on our work or how we do it.

5 ways to live (happily) on one income…

No one plans to be a single parent, but the reality is true for many mums (and dads) in the UK and the world over. And likewise no one plans for the one steady income coming home (we’re talking about couples in this instance) to get cut though redundancy, companies folding, or losing big contract.

In the UK, there are 1.8 million single parent households, and 650,000 of these homes bring in no money outside of benefits. It’s clear then that if you find yourself in this situation, you really aren’t alone.

But what can you do to stay afloat and not drawn in the cost of living? Getting a job seems the obvious option, but that can take a while…here are some immediate things you can do to survive on one income (even if it is just benefits).

Rubbish myths about women in business

We live in a world where people like to put other people into a box. Being a working mum comes high on that list…if I had a pound for every time someone told me (not asked me) how difficult it must be, I would have a nice little fund for my caramel lattes for the rest of my working life.

Being a mum in business is no different. Here are some of the ridiculous myths, and the real truth.

How to overcome your fear of going back to school (yep…studying again)

If you’re anything like me, you swore after your first degree and the years of study that preceded it that you would not study again! If you’re still anything like me, you’ve been to more courses than you could shake a stick at, and have realised that studying never actually stops.

But roll forward a few years (or decades) and you soon realise that sometimes in life if you want to change something, you have to face your fears. If you need that final push to help you really go back to studying then keep reading…