Motivation Mondays

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me

I can do all things

Sometimes when we think can’t do it, there’s comfort in knowing that knows we definitely can do it, and will strengthen us along the journey. A favourite scripture of mine from Phillipians 4:13. My faith is everything.

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If you fall, I will catch you

If you fall, I will catch you

At some point, we all need to grow up and can’t be the little sister, little cousin or the baby anymore. We now have babies of our own to coo coo over!

Two years ago, when my Mum passed away, it was life changing. I went from knowing she’d always be at the end of the phone (several times a day) – forever my cheerleader – to not knowing who to call. No group of people combined could replace her. 

I can and I will

I can and I will!

When you feel like everything is stacked up against you, it’s time to talk yourself up. some say, fake it till you make it – fake that you are in that moment of success, that you have the courage to do whatever it is that you need a confidence boost…