Bubble & Splash Limited

We are a small family run swim school that is dedicated to baby and toddler swimming. Our swimming lessons are unique by bringing together swimming skills with early learning elements.Whether you wish to introduce your baby to water or teach your child to swim you can rest assured that they will not only gain love of swimming, but they will also gain essential skills and elements of early learning . (e.g. listening, communicating, concentrating, taking turns, recognition and ability to name colours, numbers, letters, body parts etc)Bubble and Splash’s philosophy is to give the opportunity to parents and their young children to have a magical experience, learning to swim in a relaxed, fun and stimulating environment where safety and well-being are of paramount importance.

Contact: Roxana Liston
E-Mail: roxana@bubbleandsplash.co.uk
Tel: 07724 528 838 / 01302 856 088

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