Independent Consultant for an International Leader in Fragrance

Sometimes one finds an old bottle which remembers
From where all spouts out lives a heart which returns.

I am a part of the Scentsy global movement and would like to share with you.
Scentsy Wickless is a growing international leader in fragrance, offering a variety of home and personal fragrance products, including the newly released Layers by Scentsy body products line.

Scentsy is the first party-plan company to offer its Consultants the opportunity to sell multiple brands in multiple countries using a single global compensation plan and sales organization,” said Orville Thompson.

What began in 2003 as a simple idea inspired by ordinary women has since become a thriving international business. The owners, Orville and Heidi Thompson—along with thousands of Scentsy Consultants and customers—have created something extraordinary that touches thousands of lives each day in profound ways. Orville says it best:

“Through the power of our fragrances, the simplicity of our product line, and a deep sense of family at home and at work, we find hope, vision, and an appetite for working hard as a team that binds us together. With Scentsy, we have each found something that speaks to and encourages the best in ourselves and each other.”

Scentsy recently expanded into Europe, beginning with the United Kingdom and Germany and plans to reach into 10 countries in Europe, introducing the Scentsy experience and business opportunity throughout the European Union.

I am excited to share with you the Scentsy opportunity. Scentsy has recently expanded into Europe; as of March 1, 2012, there were only 457 Independent Scentsy Consultants in the UK, 209 in Germany, and 70 in Ireland. Take advantage of a ground-floor opportunity you never thought you would have in your life time. Join my team today!

Jenae Sexton, Independent Scentsy Consultant
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