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Little signers

Little signers run local baby signing programmes in the north Cotswolds. Baby signing can provide a truly remarkable connection between baby abd adult before and during speech development. Little signers classes are small, fun and friendly. With music, songs, nursery rhymes, puppets and pictures as ...READ MORE

Tiny Talk

Welcome to TinyTalk, the biggest and the best baby signing classes organisation in the UK, Ireland and Australia (where we’re called TinySign should you visit us Down Under!)

Contact: Katie Tel: 01483 451058 E-Mail: katiem@tinytalk.co.uk

Baby Sensory

It’s not always easy to understand what your baby is trying to say. The Baby Sensory sign system was developed after many years of research, which revealed that babies do not have the manual dexterity to perform signs developed for deaf children. As a result, ...READ MORE