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Kleeneze home shopping

Work from home. Be in control of working the hours of your choice. The retailing involves:Delivering, collecting, processing orders and delivering orders to customers.Ideal as a 2nd income or part time around family or commitments.Small investment of £80 – £162 to start. Profit within 4 ...READ MORE

Nutrition 24:7

Nutrition 24:7 are Wellness Coaches and a Herbalife Independent Distributor.Herbalife is the premier wellness company dedicated to simplifying your path to healthy living.Herbalife’s high-quality products and programmes offer:>successful weight loss>improved nutrition>enhanced personal care>the opportunity for financial rewardWe hope you take the time to discover our ...READ MORE

Mini Marmalade Ltd

The Mini Marmalade Franchise offers you a unique opportunity to run your own home-based children’s business using a proven party plan system.Running a Mini Marmalade Franchise is completely flexible and can easily fit around existing family commitments. The entry costs are low, no working capital ...READ MORE


Usborne Books at Home

I sell the beautiful Usborne Books, and I am always looking for new team members to cover events. You don’t need any sales experience, just a passion for what you do.You can sell anywhere – parties, toddler groups, school, fairs, fetes and more, and you ...READ MORE

Working From Home Business Opportunity

I work for a rapidly expanding financial services company that is actively seeking to work with stay at home mums, or dads who are interested in making an incomeby working 2-4 hours a day using just their PC and phone. No telesales or requirement to ...READ MORE

Independent Consultant for an International Leader in Fragrance

Sometimes one finds an old bottle which remembers From where all spouts out lives a heart which returns. -Baudelaire

I am a part of the Scentsy global movement and would like to share with you. Scentsy Wickless is a growing international leader in fragrance, offering a variety of home and ...READ MORE


Miss your kids? Working way too much for way too little?

If you are serious about changing the work/life balance and are looking for the challenge and sheer joy of running your own successful business on your own terms, then this opportunity could be for you. We are looking for highly motivated people who are ready ...READ MORE

Forever Living

Founded in 1978 on little more than dreams and hard work, Forever Living is now a multi-billion dollar company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty products. People just like you distribute these life-enhancing products, providing you the opportunity ...READ MORE

Forever Living Products

WORKING PARENTSWould you like to find a way of seeing more of your children without compromising your income?Are you worried about childcare after school and in the long school holidays?And what about those school fees?I can show you a way to address those issues.For more ...READ MORE