iPhone challenge: Day 3 – run a website from an iPhone? You have got to be joking!

Ok, so it’s time to add some posts on the website now. With the experience of the iPad under my belt, I approached this with a lot of scepticism…

Motherswhowork.co.uk is a WordPress site, and thankfully, there is a WordPress app that can let me connect straight to the website.

iPhone Pros

The WordPress app is very easy to use and is very seamless. This is great if you only want to do basic things like adding blog posts, but if you are a little techier then you won’t be able to use the WordPress app alone.

iPhone Cons

You can blog from your iPhone, but if you want to do more than add text, you might face some hurdles...

You can blog from your iPhone, but if you want to do more than add text, you might face some hurdles…

All the images on Motherswhowork.co.uk have captions. You can’t add captions seamlessly to posts using the WordPress app, unless you know the code (which I don’t!), so after writing a post, I have to log onto the site in Safari just to pick an image and add a caption.

This, however, is more of an app problem than an iPhone problem, but it’s still annoying!

The other annoying thing is that you can’t access other plugin from the app – so if you want to add SEO, you have to do this through Safari.

And Safari isn’t trouble-free, either. Because the iPhone, too, doesn’t support Flash, you won’t be able to use some functionality either, which creates an unnecessary time-deficient exercise of working across both the app and Safari just to post an article!

Looks like this is one thing you can’t do on the iPhone, unless you just write blog posts that don’t have pictures with captions!

Mobile network Three has an Apps for Mums guide for ‘On the Go Mums’, which gives tips the best apps that busy mums can use to make life a whole lot easier.

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Written by Joycellyn Akuffo

Founder and editor of www.motherswhowork.co.uk, a mother of two wonderful children, wife, entrepreneur (check out www.geekschool.co.uk) and journalist.


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