Hen party

Should You Book Your Daughter’s Hen Do in Liverpool?

Do you have the honour of planning your daughter’s upcoming hen do? We know that arranging the perfect occasion can be a stressful situation. You have so many people with different tastes to please, not to mention you want to make it a memorable event for your daughter more than anything! 

The friendly and cultural city of Liverpool is one of the best locations to mark a special occasion, mainly thanks to the city’s lively party atmosphere. Faye’s Doggy Boutique has brought us this article that looks at the best reasons why you may want to consider Liverpool when booking your daughter’s hen do. As a local business in Liverpool, they know the ins and outs of this beautiful city and what makes it a prime choice for parties.

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hypothyroidism in women

Thyroid and tiredness in women

So, many women do not equate tiredness to anything else because we always hear about how tiring being a mother is – and it is! But there is a certain level of exhaustion that is much more severe and unrelenting than the norm. Having a power nap or sending the kids to relatives for a night or two still doesn’t do it. That’s because there might be an issue with your thyroid gland.

make money online

5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Busy Parent

In this post, Peter Watton from OddsMonkey shares five ways to make some extra cash with just a laptop and a few spare hours a day.

Whether you work full-time, part-time, or are a stay-at-home mum, it’s always nice to have some extra money coming in. From contributing towards bills to topping up your savings, generating an additional income through a side hustle can make achieving your financial goals a lot easier — but it can also mean you have some extra spending money for treats and trips out.

Stay positive

Why You Should Stay Optimistic – Even Now!

It can sometimes be hard to stay optimistic after the past couple of years battling Covid-19 and its resulting lockdowns. Despite this, we still have plenty to be pessimistic about!

However, it is worth making the extra effort to stay optimistic. Having a positive outlook on life can make you happier and more energetic. Here are a few reasons to remain optimistic:

Time Management

More Time Management Tips To Make Your Life Easier As A Working Mum

We all have the same 24 hours in a day – this is true, but let’s be frank, once you’ve slept for 6 to 7 hours, you have about 15. When you’re a mum – and a working one at that – you will want to know how you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to making the most of the time you have once you’ve dropped the kids off at daycare, nursery, or school. Put an end to your time management struggles by using the tips we’re about to share.

Portrait of of stressed at work

5 Work-Related Stress Busters You Can Start Anytime

Stress; everyone experiences this from time to time. You may be so stressed out about your job that it makes you sick or can cause extreme tension in your relationship. Stress is a major cause of health problems, leading to job absenteeism and lost productivity. It can also cause other health issues and sickness.

That’s why it’s recommended you turn to some of the stress-busters outlined below. These are techniques that you can use, no matter what type of work environment you are in.

How to Encourage Your Child’s Independent Learning

Juggling work and homeschooling sounded straightforward enough. For years we have heard how our American counterparts actually opt for that lifestyle, many of them running businesses or side hustles alongside this.

But somehow, when the way that homeschooling is to be administered is dictated by schools, topped off with reams of worksheets and obvious knowledge gaps us parents have to fill, it just doesn’t seem quite as easy.

But one way to ease some of the pressure, and help salvage some semblance of a good relationship with our children is to encourage them to work independently.

The Best Places to Sell Unwanted Presents

It’s official, Christmas is over, and we have well and truly started 2021! Some of us have still got the Christmas tree out (with everything that’s going one, clinging on to a bit of cheer is not such a bad thing!).

But there are some things we really want to get rid of – those unwanted gifts we just didn’t have the heart to give back, or regift. With the country in a national lockdown, it’s not even possible to slip down the high street and swap the burden for a gift voucher. So now what?

Smooth Skin Can Now Be Yours With Botox

Want Smoother Skin? It Could Be Yours with Botox.

Having a youthful appearance is something that most women desire, irrespective of one’s age, job and position in life. Is it wrong to wish for something that can be achieved? Never. 

During the lockdown, you may have been trying several home remedies and just about any beauty hack you could get your hands on to get your desired youthful look. Be it for Zoom meetings, Facetime – or just so you could recognise yourself in the mirror – you were not there! But has it all gone in vain? 


Memory Games for Children

In 2005 (a full three years before the launch of the App Store), a brain training video game became an overnight sensation in a way that would not be seen again until 2016’s Pokemon Go. The game was everywhere. The premise was simple. You solve the puzzles in as short a time as possible and the game – which was ostensibly based on principles of neuroscience – would tell you your mental age. It was sort of a fun way for people who knew they were smart to show off, and for those who knew their cognitive abilities had been collecting dust since high school to share a laugh at their pre-teen mental age.