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Working From Home: Lockdown and Beyond

Recent global events have seen many people make the shift from onsite working to remote work in the safety of their own homes.

For some people, working from home is an ideal situation, as it removes the need for a lengthy commute, an early start or added expenses of renting an office or shop space. Meetings can be conducted via Skype or Zoom, and many businesses have taken advantage of organisational software in order to keep things running smoothly. Therefore, both employees and employers may find that working remotely has its benefits – even if the present situation requires parents to homeschool while doing this.

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Thinking about asking your boss to work from home? Here’s some food for thought…

In June this year, the government rolled out the right to request flexible working to everyone – whether a parent or not. While there are those are all for this, many parents feel slighted.

If you’re a working parent, there may be more ‘competition’ in the flexible working stakes, so you need to make sure that you make your application as watertight as possible. Here are some tips: