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3 tips to gaining R. E. S. P. E. C. T.  When you return to work

No matter how accommodating your workplace is towards working mothers, there’s one thing that’s certain – being out of the loop for even a year can feel like the tectonic plates of the Earth are shifting underneath you. The guy who used to make you coffee is now in management.…

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Are you a victim of deskfest-ing (eating meals at your desk a work)?

A study of 2,000 employees has found that more than a third now eat at least one meal at their desk each day, while one in six tucks into two meals a

These days, it’s not uncommon tomget to the office to the smell of toast, or porridge and its become the norm. According to the survey, women in particular favoured eating breakfast at work, over male colleagues, with one in three saying they regularly ate at their desk compared to one in five men.