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70% of stay-at-home mums say they can’t afford to work

saiStay-at-home mums say that the cost of childcare means they can’t afford to go to work.

The poll of 5,500 mothers found that 70% of those who did not work said they would be worse off if they had to pay for childcare so they could work. The figure rose to 74% in Scotland.

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Five tips to help you make the shortfall if your child benefit has been cut

The government has made it clear that when it comes to austerity measures no one is protected – even families with young children. So the 7th January 2013 saw the axe go down on the former universal benefit (child benefit) for families where one parent earns £50,000 or more per annum.

If you’ve been hit by the recent child benefit counts and need to find a way to make up that money quickly, here are a few simple things you need to do to get things moving: