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Video tutorial: how to use Woocommerce

Thinking of starting an online shop but don’t know where to start?

Do you love WordPress and want to find a way to add an online store to your blog without changing the overall design?

Have you heard about Woocommerce but don’t know how you’ll use it?

This video tutorial is just what you’re looking for.

Video tutorial: How to use Google Alerts a d why you should be using them

Keeping on top of what your competitors are doing online is important to your online success. But you can’t spend every minute of your working day trying to play detective on what your competitors are doing online.

Business mums in the know use Google Alerts to bring the news straight to their inbox.

It takes only takes couple of minutes to set up a Google alert and best of all, it is free to set up as many alerts as you want.

Watch this video to see just how to do it.

Video tutorial: marketing your products and services on Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic way to Market and promote your business, products or services to an active buying audience. And the best part of it is that it is free (unless you choose to pay for ads, which you don’t need to do anyway).

Would you like to learn how to market yourself, your business or products you are selling on Facebook?

Have you tried to do just that but have had little to show for your efforts in the past? Have you been using it personally but don’t know how to approach it for your business and get the sales and customers you need?

Sign up to the Mothers Who Work Club today so you can take this Facebook Marketing video course and learn:

  • Why you should always have a Facebook fan Page for your business.
  • How to use Facebook for business without compromising your personal privacy.
  • The most effective ways to connect with your customers to create strong business relationships.
  • How to use Facebook ads to get more traffic to your Facebook fan page, more likes and more people in your network.
  • The difference between ads on Facebook and other sites like Google.

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