Spring’s on the way, and that means the bikini season isn’t that much further behind. No pressure, then, for the rush to lose weight and firm up those wobbly bits…

But the answer might already be at the tips of your fingers. Yes, believe it or not, housework really can help you burn those calories.

According to fitness experts British Military Fitness, housework really does pay!


Grab that broom and sweep those floors and you could burn up to 136 calories in just half an hour.


We probably don’t do as much dusting as our grandparents did, but this easy chore can help you work off 170 calories in an hour…start clearing those cobwebs, then!

Washing floors

If you want to give your floors a really deep clean, this can burn up to 187 calories in 30 minutes. Don’t just mop and go, actually get down on all fours and wash those hard to reach areas. Give it some welly and you will reap the benefits.

Cleaning windows

Ditch the weekly window cleaning bill and start cleaning the windows around your home. Cleaning all the dirt and grime on the windows around your home, and you’ll burn 334 calories in an hour.


This is one of the easiest chores around the house. Wh knew that pushing a plastic machine on wheels could also suction off up to 238 calories whilst you do so?

Washing the car

Avoid the car wash and wash your car the traditional way – by hand. It’s easy for a car to get filthy without us noticing, and with children’s endless snacks and toys in the family taxi, it really does build up. Now you can look forward to the mess in the car because the challenge of keeping the car clean is your new workout. Giving the car a good clean inside and out can help you burn around 153 calories.

Deep cleaning the bathroom

Bathrooms can easily collect soap scum, limescale around the taps and mould. You really have to stay on top of it to keep the bathroom looking presentable, and you’ll work off up to 258 calories an hour in the process.

Moving furniture

We all like to switch things around a bit every so often. It’s a cheap way to give a room a facelift and bring some excitement back into your home. So the next time your other half moans about you switching things around, let him know that you’re burning 200 calories every half an hour you spend moving the furniture around.

Mowing the lawn

You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh to be proud of your garden and simply by mowing the lawn you can make it look a lot neater, whilst also burning off 190 calories in 30 minutes.


Sometimes, just moving furniture around just isn’t enough. If you fancy sprucing up your walls with a lick of paint, or putting up some new wall paper, this can work off 334 calories for every hour you’re working.

These calorie-burning chores won’t transform you overnight, says British Military Fitness, you still need to get out and about but it definitely will help with your weightless and toning efforts.

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