Working from home is the new norm. Many of us won’t be returning to a traditional office space, which means more time at home, trying to manage the balance between our home lives and our working responsibilities.

As a large majority of us have been working from home this past year, our home offices and working areas are probably looking a little worse for wear this year. Whether you have a dedicated room or you’re working from a desk in the living room, the signs of a working space that is tired are clear:

  • A mug-stained desk.
  • Heaps of clutter and junk.
  • Dusty and unused stationery and desk decorations.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Wobbly, unsupportive and wholly uncomfortable chairs.

To prevent falling into a ‘working from home slump’, we must regularly refresh and update our working spaces. That way, we keep our motivation up and our efficiency high. Here we’ll explore some simple home office updates that will boost your productivity.

Focus on lighting

Room with creative lighting
A workspace with creative lighting can make all the difference to creating the positive home-working ambience we all need.

Poor lighting in any working environment isn’t just bad for your productivity; it’s also bad for your eyes. Updating your office space with LED lights by replacing your current bulbs with these G9 LED bulbs provides glare and shadow-free lighting solutions. Ensuring your working area is well lit will improve your efficiency and even improve your mood. These innovative bulbs are also energy efficient, which means those long working hours where you have the lights on, won’t be costing you the earth.

Upgrade your chair

A young businesswoman with smartphone sitting on red armchair in office.
A good chair is a must.

If you intend to work from home for the foreseeable, then updating your work chair is necessary. That dining room chair you’re using right now, the sofa or prehistoric office chair you borrowed from a friend, won’t do. Switching to an ergonomic office chair will give your back the support it needs and help you maintain the correct posture. The more comfortable you are, the more productive you’ll be!

Clean and clear

Clutter gathers in every part of our home, and when left unchecked, it can start to multiply. Clutter is both distracting and stressful, which means trying to find that one document in a pile of kids toys, old coffee mugs and scribbled notes will take longer than it should. Why not make an effort to keep your working space clear and give it a good clean! Wiping away grime, dust, and dirt will keep you in a positive and productive mindset.

Update your tech

Technology helps at work
Technology helps at work

Is your tech holding you back? If you are working from home and your laptop, printer, or even internet connection is slowing you down, then it’s time for an upgrade. Consider changing internet providers, and reach out to your employer if the equipment you have isn’t up to standard.

Also, take some time to check your stationery supplies, and order anything you’re short of. Most homeworkers usually runout of printer inks, pens and pads first.

Final thoughts

This new working from the home revolution is changing the way we approach our daily schedules. This also means we’re in charge of ensuring our working environments are productive and pleasant. Follow the steps above to make positive changes.

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