Gas costs are something that an increasing number of businesses based in the UK are worried about.

A survey by OnePoll about the cost of energy used by companies across the country revealed that a staggering 51% of respondents were concerned about price rises that could be detrimental to their finances.

However, many of the businesses quizzed said that they didn’t pay enough attention to how much they were actually paying for gas. In actual fact, only 19% of those who answered the survey said that they handed responsibility for utility bills to their finance teams.

While many businesses said that gas bills were overseen and handled by a member of their clerical staff, 14% said that they didn’t have anyone in their office that looked after or monitored the amount spent on energy. Although no business likes to pay more than they can afford on gas, the fact that many companies don’t quite know how much they’re actually spending each month is surprising to say the least.

Businesses that have a few concerns about paying too much gas might not realise that, by looking at how much they use and how much they spend every month, they could see that they may be getting a poor deal from their existing energy supplier or that they’re wasting gas.

Make It Cheaper, an energy saving firm who work with small businesses explained why keeping a firm eye on monthly gas bills is important: “Companies need to look at the way they use gas, as well as how much they spend on it by finding out how much they pay per unit.

“Ignorance of both could result in massive bills that could bring many businesses to their knees. Part of the problem is staying with the same supplier, as there’s no loyalty rewards involved and they might end up having to pay more when the contract is renewed automatically.

“This is where switching to another energy supplier could be the best thing to do, as businesses that do this could stand to save hundreds or perhaps thousands each year.”

Switching supplier is one way in which businesses can help to combat rising gas prices, as there’s almost always a better deal on offer from another energy supplier.

Paying attention to gas bills, as with any other overhead, is vital, especially for companies who are trying to make sure they don’t spend more money than they actually have.

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