Re-entering the workplace isn’t an easy task, especially if you’ve spent the past few years drowning in a sea of nappies, LEGO bricks and ABC books. In this technological age, becoming a valued member of the workforce could mean learning entirely new programmes and systems.
It’s not so much a case of being made to run before you can walk. It’s more like being asked to perform a 100m sprint against Usain Bolt without even getting the chance for a periphery warmup.

You’ll be expected to knuckle down and do your job and not get mired in training, especially if you’re entering a business you previously worked at.

None of this means you should be intimidated by the prospect of returning to work. You’ve just got a bit of preparing to do before you start a new job.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few bitesized tips to help you feel confident when you walk into a new workplace. Take a look and keep your head raised high.

Know the intricacies of HR

Whether you’re working in human resources or alongside it, understanding the department’s ins and outs will help you barrel through your administrative work in record time.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who’s the head of HR?
  • Who should you contact if you’re having trouble?
  • Does the department have a dedicated HCM provider, and will you have to learn how to operate it?
  • Will you have to complete regular forms to help out your HR department?

With this knowledge in your back pocket, relations between yourself and your HR department (really, the cogs in the corporate machine) will be faultless.

All news is good news

No matter what industry you’re in, there will have been progressions within it. And chances are there are industry-specific magazines or journals that can fill you in on every advancement.

Take out a subscription on the leading industry magazine in your field and study it before you show up to work. You’ll look like the brainiest person in the room.

Talk to the techies

As Moore’s Law continues to hold true, technology presses on at the speed of a bullet train. Most likely, even the operating systems you grew accustomed to will have far surpassed themselves since the last time you were working.

To make sure you’re not in the dark about the march of technology, contact some the IT department at your new place of work and find out what the latest pieces of tech holds in store for you.

After a few questions, you’ll be clued up and ready to face your newest employment adventure!  

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