Big girl starts school

It?s an exciting week for Big Girl (BG) as she?s starting junior school. We?ve been getting ready for this event for several weeks, or at least shopping for the occasion: new uniform; rucksack (instead of a book bag); and her first pencil case complete with gel pens and glue stick.

But on Sunday night, without any warning, she suddenly had a meltdown. Over the school holidays a host of different worries ? big children, tough lessons and homework – which had been niggling at her, suddenly came flooding out. However, by reminding her of the numerous positive things such as the greater freedom, the after-school clubs, and of course the rucksack and pencil case, we managed to cheer her up.

So by 8.55 on Tuesday, her first day, BG was in a better state than her nervous parents. (We?d both decided to delay our working day to mark the occasion). In the end it was an anti-climax. Delivery of child to the school hall, turn round and leave without a backward glance (from BG anyway).

It was certainly easier, emotionally, than her first day at infant school. But part of me is sad because I can?t believe BG is growing up so quickly; she still looks so young. Although I have to admit I?ve been looking forward to juniors as I believe it will relieve some of my childcare issues. I have high hopes for her new school, but only time will tell.

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