Breastfeeding is something that most mums want to at least give a try, but as soon as work comes into the equation even those who have come to be successful at it can find it a challenge.

The following video gives some tips on making being a working mum and a breastfeeding mum work for you, and we also have some products below that can make the transition easier:

The all-important breast pump
When it comes to breast pumps,you really do get what you pay for. The cheaper ones are often uncomfortable to use, noisy and just don’t fit as well as they could or should.

medela swingWe reviewed the Medela Swing, and found it to be very cost effective. It is very portable, so you can put it into your bag to pump during a break.

The Medela Symphony is a more expensive breast pump that you can rent from Medela.

It is a hospital-grade product, and is actually one that is recommended by nurses. If this is one you tried in the hospital and want to use one just like it at home, you can rent one for £40.

Using a breast pump may seem a little impersonal, but the benefits is that your baby can continue tobenefit from the goodness of breast milk, and when you breastfeed at home she’ll be comfortable with it.


Breastfeeding pillowBreastfeeding pillow
So, you won’t be carrying a breastfeeding pillow to work (don’t panic!), but there is a reason for listing this one here. Breastfeeding can take its toll on your back if you don’t sit and/or position your baby properly. This gorgeous breastfeeding pillow from Thrupenny Bits makes feeding super comfortable for both mum and baby.

It’s a handy size, so it won’t take over your baby bag, or you can remove the filling and use it as a bag itself. Not bad for £30!

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