Business ideas come in all shapes and sizes…but they do come, and in different ways, when you least expect it to.

Sometimes, an idea could be staring us blank in the face, but we just can’t see it. If you’re looking for a business idea you can run with, you should keep reading.

It’s our passion

Whether it’s a love of photography, martial arts or making objects out of wood, you love it! So why can’t you make money out of it? The truth is, you probably can, but you’ll never know unless you try.

Every year, thousands of women around the globe (that’s a huge understatement, obviously) take the plunge and start a business, and many of them are borne out of a passion. Why not you?

You saw someone else doing it and know you can do a better job
There’s nothing more irritating than getting a really bad service or buying a really poorly designed and ill-thought out product that you know you can do better.

Stop whining and moaning and do a better job of it…and make money in the process.

You couldn’t find anything that does the job or provides the service when you needed it

It was born while having a giggle on a girl’s night out
Having a meet up with the girls is a great way to let your hair down and laugh about motherhood and all the rest. It’s also amazing how some of the best ideas come out when you’re not even taking it seriously.

So, next time you go out with the girls, take a mini notebook, or write things in your phone…you’ll be surprised how it could change your life.

You had a brain wave during a rare moment alone in the bath
Time to think is sacred for us mums, and it’s little wonder that we get some amazing ideas when we have some pure, undisturbed time to think…

This should be a time when you really relax your mind, so don’t turn a long soak into the bath into a mini business meeting in your head – just relax and the ideas will start floating in like the bath bubbles.

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