Working mums have a lot of buying power, and research shows women tend to make the majority of purchasing decisions in the home.

What better place, then, to showcase you products and services than our revamped Mumpreneur Directory – a fantastic directory that’s buzzing with businesses targeting mums, mumpreneurs showcasing their products and services, and even bloggers.

The revamped The Mumpreneur Directory is a must for working mums. Not only will you be supporting your fellow working mums or business mums by choosing their products and services, but you can also showcase you offering to the 105,000-plus mums that visit

The old directory only let you create a link for your business, with a short blurb about your business, and while it was good, we are in 2011 – there is a whole lot more businesses need to add to a product listing page…yes, page.

The revamped Mumpreneur Directory let’s you have your very own page, on which you can add:

Listing your business on The Mumpreneur Directory is not like any old listing that you may have tried. You can add just about anything on our directory listings:

  • video
  • audio
  • ebook and PDF downloads
  • brochures

More Benefits
When you add your business address, a Google map is automatically generated, which is great for businesses who want to locate you, and for mums who want to buy from a local business.
Adding your business to The Mumpreneur Directory will also increase your search engine optimisation – and we will also contact you to be profiled on the website as a ‘Real Mum‘, and showcase your business on our homepage, and through our social media networks on Twitter and Facebook.

Another good reason to use the Mumpreneur Directory, apart from it being VERY CHEAP, is that a lot of journalists and radio and TV producers check it when on the hunt for case studies for their programmes – and they often contact us for recommendations, too! Our directory members are always the ones we mention first!

PLUS – you can also update your page any time you want, as many times as you want – at no extra cost!

And all this for just £5.99 a month! Can you afford not to list your business?

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