five_fab_mums.jpgTixylix has launched a national search to find five ordinary mums to become online reality stars of the new social support network site has been launched. The website, which will launch on Mother’s Day on 2nd March 2008, will follow the lives of the chosen five mums for a year as they experience the ups and downs of modern motherhood.

Sponsored by Tixylix, will be the first website of its kind to give real mums the opportunity to blog their everyday experiences. The five chosen women will blog about family life through video diaries, photos and web chat. From teething troubles, nappy nightmares and toddler tantrums to first steps, cute cuddles and teatime triumphs, motherhood will be shown in all its glory for all mums to share.?

Having a child is a life-changing experience and adjusting to this new life can be hard; friends, work colleagues and a social life can sometimes feel very far away. recognises that modern mums are increasingly turning to the online community, and aims to provide mums with a place to go for support, advice, friendship and fun without having to leave home.?

As well as sharing the highs and lows of the chosen mums other mums can contact the Five Fab Mums with questions and can take part in web interviews. Tips and advice on everyday parenting problems by GPs and midwives also mean that good advice is just a click away. Mums can also use the photo fun section and can adapt fun photos of their little ones to share with friends and family.

To become one of the Five Fab Mums apply online at by 21st December 2007. Applicants will be shortlisted and notified if successful by 31st December and invited for an all-expenses-paid trip to London for the final audition on the weekend of 5th and 6th of January 2008.

Each of the Five Fab Mums will be given a state-of-the-art digital video camera to help them create their blog and each mum will receive ?100 a month – paid into their Child?s Trust Fund account – as a thank you for participating.

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