Claw back on your school holidays spending with cheaper car insurance

Get the right car insurance deal and save money
Get the right car insurance deal and save money

The period immediately after school holidays can leave a small hole in the pockets of most parents. Once the holidays,  day trips and childcare costs  are done paid for, many parents are left looking for ways to claw back money.

When school holidays were created, I’m sure they didn’t take into account the economic crisis, the high cost of living, soaring childcare etc etc, but thinking of things that way won’t magic some money into your bank account, either!

So, with a bit of homework and forward planning, it is possible to reduce your outgoings for the future, saving you money immediately and in the long term.

A legal requirement
Car insurance is a legal requirement if you intend to drive your vehicle on the road and, unless you choose the right car insurance company, it can be expensive. Given that car insurance also offers you a financial buffer in the unfortunate event that you have an accident, it is worth searching out the best insurance for your needs. However, the best doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Taking the time to consider just what type of car insurance you need and researching the offers made by various car insurance companies can potentially knock a substantial amount from your annual bills – especially useful if your insurance renewal falls in the weeks immediately following that expensive festive period.

Car insurance policies offer you financial cover against most eventualities, including things like fire and theft. However, some policies might offer cover for things that don’t apply to you such as additional breakdown cover – and you’ll be paying for it.

Instead, look at what is offered by policies and decide which factors don’t apply. There are also certain precautions you can take to minimise the cost of your car insurance before you apply, such as fitting anti-theft devices that are compliant with the policies offered by some companies. If you have access to a garage for your car this can also reduce your premiums, as cars are less likely to be stolen from a locked garage than they are if left unattended on the street.

The advantage of using comparison sites

It is also worth taking the time to research the offers made by insurance providers, many of which are affiliated to online applications. If it seems too daunting to trawl through the Internet and seek out a reputable company, it might be worth looking at online comparison sites,

There are many car insurance comparison sites break down car insurance speak into an easy to read format. While these may not give you the full details of each policy, it can give you a good idea of just who offers what. In addition, it leaves you the option to select a number of policies that are of interest to you and investigate them further. Many online comparison sites also have direct links to online application pages, making the application process as simple as possible.

There are as many types of car insurance as there are cars, so if you are looking for specialist car insurance for classic cars or low mileage for example, the same rules apply. Consider what you want the insurance for and do a little research to determine which policy offers you the best cover for your cash. Car insurance is a legal requirement, but it is certainly worth taking the time to find a policy that helps to not only reduce your outgoings, but also offers you the best financial protection for your money.

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