Credit crunch breeds a new type of stay-at-home mums – the mouse wife

Mouse wives are making big money onlineHalf of UK stay-at-home mums now use their computers to earn extra cash, with one in 20 earning at least ?200 a month from working from home. The survey conducted by Kodak calls this new genre of entrepreneurial women ?mouse wives?. But don?t be fooled by the name – ?mouse? in this case refers to the ?mouse? these mums use with their computers.

These inspirational women aren?t ?mousey? at all and have gone out on a limb to create successful internet businesses from home while raising their kids.Here are, we class them with other business mums, calling them mumpreneurs – and we’ve come across numerous success stories.

Beatrice Hatherley, director of Mr Site, a company that provides mums with the tools to create and run their own website for very little cost says: ?It?s fantastic to see these entrepreneurial mums embracing the internet to earn extra cash during the credit crunch whilst looking after the kids at home.

“These days it is very simple to generate a small income online without having to make a large investment in time and money, and these mums are doing it, and doing it well. Some are even turning their hobbies into thriving businesses from the comfort of their own home.?

Examples of these so-called mouse wives are scattered all over, but here are some successful women who set up their businesses using the Mr Site website creation products:
Kerri from whose award-winning, eco-friendly art and craft boxes are selling like hot cakes
Nicola from whose beautiful baby wear has recently been taken on by John Lewis
Carole of whose amazing invention sells to customers all over the world
Anna of whose stunning designs are an online hit

The Takeaway Website Beginner is the perfect product for any budding business mum.

It is jargon free and very easy to use, no matter what level of IT skills you have. Takeaway Website Beginner gives mums everything they need to get their own professionally designed website online and to sell with their own
secure online shop.

It has great features, tools and support every step of the way to help mouse wives set up their website. You just select a website design from the hundreds available, drop in your pictures, text, music and videos and you’re good to go. And at just ?19.99 it won’t break the bank.

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