“Pamper” a word which many of us associate with both time and money. However pampering yourself doesn’t have to involve going to that latest luxury spa, or buying some premium face pack filled with unpronounceable ingredients.

It can be just as relaxing at home with your own DIY pamper products, all of which can easily be made from ingredients already in your kitchen. So once the kids are all tucked up in bed tonight and you finally have a few hours of that all important ‘me’ time, whip up these three simple recipes and revel in your relaxing evening.

Hair mask
This hair mask will give your hair a boost of moisture, to leave it feeling stronger and healthier. The extra virgin olive oil acts as a natural conditioner to hydrate those dry ends, and leave a lovely glossy finish. Milk adds a silky softness to your locks, whilst the antioxidants within the avocado revitalize dull and lifeless hair.

To make:
• Blend one small ripe Avocado until smooth.
• Add one tablespoon of Olive Oil
• Add 60ml of milk
• Mix well and apply from root to tip.
• Leave on for at least 15 before washing thoroughly.

Face mask
This face mask cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, leaving you with a brighter and clearer complexion. The oats within this face mask polish off dead skin cells whilst also drawing out any impurities from within the pours. The antioxidants and properties within both the honey and yogurt slow down signs of aging and adds a healthy glow.

To make:
• Finely ground one tablespoon of rolled Oats
• Add on tablespoon of Natural Greek Yogurt (must be full fat)
• Mix in a few drops of runny Honey.
• Apply mixture to face and leave on for 10 minutes.
• Rinse off with warm water.

Cuticle oil
This cuticle oil will both nourish and strengthen tired cuticles and nails, providing instant and long lasting results with regular use. The nutrients within the coconut oil, vitamin E oil and olive oil keep the cuticles soft, whilst also adding strength to flaky or brittle nails. It is also commonly know that coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, which will help prevent any possible infections.

To make:
• Melt one tablespoon of Coconut Oil
• Add one tablespoon of Olive Oil
• Add in one teaspoon or capsule of Vitamin E Oil
• Mix well and apply directly to cuticles.


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