Lacking self confidence can come across very negatively when speaking to people – and even more so when you’re in a job interview.

You know that you’re really shy and coy, but to the other person or people on the interview panel, you look aggressive, or arrogant or awkward. These are all deal breakers when you’re trying to get your next dream job.

So how do you project confidence when you really don’t feel it? Here are some tips:

1. Go with a positive mindset

If you think failure, then you will fail. No matter how nerve wracking that interview is, try to stay optimistic and have a positive outlook on the interview.

2. Check yourself

Don’t keep fidgeting, biting your nails, shaking your leg…whatever habit you have that comes out when you’re nervous needs to be controlled when you’re being interviewed. Try to maintain open body language and not closed body language (e.g. folded arms), which looks aggressive.

3. Show that you’re eager to learn

If you’re really committed to your career, you’ll want to keep learning and increasing your knowledge of old and new techniques, right? It’s a good idea to let your interviewer know this, especially if you have any knowledge gaps. Being able to voice a readiness to learn oozes confidence.

4. Have a sense of purpose

Do you know why you want the job? Have you thought about what you can bring to the team? Knowing yourself and having a plan about what you want in life shows that you are organised and know what you want. This speaks volumes to a potential employer.

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