Information overload is extremely hard to deal with. On the one hand you need to research, learn and evaluate whats going on in your industry and social media, but on the other hand sometimes all that information from different sources can confuse and overwhelm.

Most mumpreneurs who get started with internet marketing are usually very ecstatic to take on all of the information and resources in, but when they realise that the learning ever stops when it comes to building an online business, they often give up and find it hard to overcome all of the information that they get…does that sound like your reality?

Information overload is about learning and researching, only to find yourself covered by so much information that you just can’t bear the weight of it.

First steps
Overcoming information overload isn’t all too difficult, but it can take some time before you truly beat the confusion and the difficulties. The best way to overcome all of that information is by taking everything one by one. Don’t confuse yourself by learning everything all at one go. Make a plan of what you will learn Nd master every month and then out it into practice.

Learn a habit, then move on
Many coaches will tell you that if you practice something for about a month, it soon becomes a habit, so if you learn one new skill, apply it to your way of working, it will soon become a habit, then you can move on and learn the next.

Don’t try a mixed approach…keep it simple
You should also ignore following different methods and follow just one to start with. Trying to do the same thing in a hundred different ways from the outset is pointless. Try one way of working, test it, and if it doesn’t work, try another.

Stick to one font of knowledge
To get started on the right path, don’t keep learning from different sources. Basically, if you find a great website or mentor, continue to work with that same mentor. They know where you started, and they know how you should continue. If you try to sign up to different newsletters on 100 different websites and speak to multiple business coaches, you’ll soon feel overwhelmed and feel demotivated.

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