It’s the time of year again when we wish we had shown a little bit more resolve and taken it easy with the Christmas eating! Oops…now the damage is done, it’s a little too late to turn back time, but here are some some drinks that can help you detox without hitting the shops:

  • Lemon water

Lemons are a great source of citric acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. Drink fresh lemon juice with water (hot or cold) to help your digestion, stimulate your liver and cleanse your bloody stream. Try drinking a cup of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning before you eat anything to kick start your system.

  • Carrot juice

As well as containing vitamins C and A, carrot juice also contains carotenes which are a great antioxidants. It is very low on calories, which is great if you’re trying to lose weight as well as detox for the new year. Carrot juice is a diuretic and can help to reduce water retention, too.

  • Tea

Tea is a natural antioxidant and it protects the body from free radicals, pollutants and helps you age gracefully (so the experts say!).

If you want to try something different to the traditional tea bag, go for green, peppermint or ginger. Green tea can boost your metabolism, while ginger tea is great for digestion. Peppermint tea will help you feel revitalised and energetic, so it’s great to get rid of some of the sluggish feelings you may have after Christmas Day lunch.

  • Pineapple juice

Pineapples are packed with vitamins and enzymes including Bromelain, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that encourages healthy digestion by helping the body break down proteins, and Thiamine (which belongs to the vitamin B group) which boosts your metabolism by helping your body convert carbohydrates into energy.

  • Coconut water

Granted, ntot every household has coconuts in the fridge, but if you’re looking for an alterntive energy boost to bananas, the coconut could be just the ticket. Coconuts are packed with vitamins and minerals, including twice as much potassium as a banana so they’ll give you a natural energy boost while being low calorie.

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