Thinking about starting running? Or maybe you’ve just joined the gym…whatever the fitness activity of choice, you’ll want to make sure you are keeping your feet healthy, and wearing the most suitable type of trainers.

Take two types of socks with you
When you take a trip to your local sports shop, be sure to take a normal pair of socks plus a pair of sports socks with you so you can try the trainers for fit.

If you’re an avid online shopper, there’s nothing wrong with going into the store to try on a pair of women’s running shoes – remember that keeping your feet healthy is important. That’s why it’s probably not worth missing this step unless you’re happy to do an exchange for your online purchase.

Once you’ve established what type of trainers would work best for you, you can go online and find the best deal!

Measuring up
When you try on your trainers, leave a thumb’s width of space at the end – your feet will sweat and swell when you exercise, and your feet and toes will move with all the activity so bear this in mind. Don’t be startled if you end up going up a shoe size with running shoes, as you don’t want a snug fit!

Try shoes in the afternoon or evening
After a long half day or a day’s worth of running around sorting out work and children, like everyone else, your feet will be slightly swollen. Buying at this time will get you the best fit for shoes, as your feet will be at their biggest.

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