Being a mum tends to mean that you don’t often get an uninterrupted nights’ sleep, being a working mum can also mean having to work late and get up early to fit everything in. This is the perfect combination of stress and tiredness to create dark under eye circles.

You may not be able to easily change your child’s sleeping pattern or your working hours, but what you can change is your skincare regime and include one of the following under eye serums to help combat those dark circles.

Avon’s Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System is quite a light serum that helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and should be used day and night for best results.

This product is quite thick and has a cream like consistency so be sure to only use small amount to avoid skin feeling dewy or sticky. This is great for younger mum’s who may not need such an intense product. This should be used in conjunction with a moisturiser as you may find it doesn’t nourish your skin, it’s main power is to reduce the darkness under your eye.

Avon – RRP £12.50

Clinque’s All About Eyes serum is one of their best selling products and there is good reason for this. This serum has a much stronger cooling effect than other serum’s making it instantly de-puff your eyes as well as reduce appearance of dark circles over a period of use.

This is a great product to help wake you up in the morning and with repeat use can help illuminate dark under eye circles. If you are heavy handed this product is ideal as it comes as a roll on so you can just lightly roll it over the eye area rather than having to rub in with your fingers. Also great to apply quickly if you’re in a rush! This product may now be overshadowed by the launch of their new product NEW Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, however, we know that All About Eyes is tried and tested, so for now we’d stick with that one!

Clinque – RRP £21

Finally, there is Darphin Dark Circle Relief & De-Puffing Eye Serum, this is a more delicate serum and is good for sensitive skin. It is advertised to help reduce both puffiness and dark circles, however it definitely combats dark circles better than puffiness, so if you are more concerned with puffiness then you should use the Clinque serum, this one is ideal for darker eyes that need brightening up.

Darphin Dark Circle Relief & De-Puffing Eye Serum – RRP £38

NB: Remember, whenever you use a new beauty product, be sure to apply to a discreet area first to ensure you are not allergic.

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