Never one to be intimidated by challenges, I could think of nothing more exciting two weeks ago when 3M, the makers of the famous Post-it Note asked if I would like to take part in a blogger challenge.

Within two days, I was in the receipt of two big blocks of 3M Post-it Notes , and a cute handbag dispenser (yes, that really does exist) and off I went to show the world five different ways to use Post-It notes. Here goes:

1. In the Mothers Who Work features book
It doesn’t take rocket science to write articles – ask me, I’m a journalist. But when you’ve got a readership as big as ours, you don’t put any old rubbish online – it takes planning. That’s what our features book is for. So all those must-read features, worksheets, videos and downloadable guides that you all love so much start their lives as an idea, in the features book, and then they are brought to life with ore planning and hard graft.

Using 3M Post-it Notes means that if a feature is never written, but is a good idea we can use later, it is moved to the next appropriate calendar month, and isn’t forgotten.

2. To clean a keyboard
Sounds odd, doesn’t it…? I have an issue with crumbs on my work keyboard because other people use it and leave it in a state, and because I’m always munching on something, and the odd crumb goes down a keypad.

I’ve tried everything from small toothbrush to keyboard wipes, but nothing’s better than getting a few Post-It notes, rolling them up, flattening them and then running them in between the keys of your keyboard. Look at the before and after shots and see for yourself!






3. Debit card holder
My life is busy, and my handbag emulates this in its size and weight, so if I need to pop to the shop for something quick, I don’t walys want to lug it with me.

I also have a thing about phone cases in that I want to change them often, according to my mood and not stick with one boring wallet case all the time. I found a rescue by way of the 3M Post-it Notes debit card holder that I can make in a couple of minutes which sticks firmly onto the inside or outside of my phone, clinging on like a koala does a tree, and away we go! Everyone’s happy.

4. Index for receipts
I’m not anal or OCD, but keeping on top of receipts can be a pain. I bore of going through my purse when it’s fit to bust to sort through receipts. A little indexer does just the thing – I sort by vouchers (we all love a bargain!), expenses (the tax man would be proud!) and tickets.


This makes life so easy at the tills when I’m looking for a money off voucher – I don’t get shots from grumpy old men waiting for me to hurry up and pay any more, so that’s a major plus.

5. A bookmark


I love Kindle, iPads and all that, but there’s a buzz I get from holding onto a physical book and seeing the pages while away. I don’t waste money on bookmarks any more because they always seem to go down a black hole, or to bookmark heaven!

Now, I can just peel a 3M Post-it Note and keep my place. I can put an arrow right where I finished reading, rather than having to re-read sentences or write in my book if I use a bookmark. Top marks!

Feel inspired? 3M Post-it Notes are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your messages and reminders. With such a big palette of shades on offer, there’s sure to be a hue to match your message… and brighten up your desk space too! Find out what other people are using 3M Post-it Notes for and more on their Facebook page:

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